Goldin Financial Holdings Limited

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2008 (stock code: 00530), the business interests of Goldin Financial Holdings Limited (“Goldin Financial”) cover a diverse range of sectors including property, factoring, wine and dining. Our businesses are present in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United States and France.

Goldin Financial’s property business encompasses development and investment. We have a number of high-end commercial and residential projects situated in exceptional locations. As for factoring services, we are one of the pioneers in China. Our factoring facilities provide our clients with easier access to working capital and a more flexible use of funds without the need for collateral. We also operate a wide-ranging wine business, including wineries, wine storage and trading around the world. Beginning our dining operations in 2017, we run four top-notch speciality restaurants in the new Kowloon East landmark Goldin Financial Global Centre.