Curtain Wall Low-E, double pane glass window
Flooring Raised floor system
Raised Floor Height Typical floor: 150 mm
Trading floor: 300 mm
Floor-to-floor Height 4.5 m
Office Floor Loading Typical floor: 4 kN/m2
Trading floor: 5 kN/m2
False Ceiling System Integrated system (metallic and gypsum board)
Office Lighting Average 400 lux
Normal Power Supply System High voltage incoming power supply from CLP’s transformers
Design load for typical floor: 83 VA/m2
Design load for trading floor: 140 VA/m2
Main electricity switch to be provided for individual owner’s application for electricity meter
Back-up Power Supply System Fed from emergency generator
Design load for back-up supply for tenant area: 25 VA/m2
Water Supply Water supply and drainage point to be provided for each unit
TV Facility Localised TV free programmes and some satellite programmes
Common Antenna System Mobile phone antenna covered office area
Telephone & Broadband Network Telephone and broadband network connection reserved on typical office floor
Fire Protection System Sprinkler System & Automatic Fire Alarm System (AFA) are equipped
Wi-Fi Hotspots Provided from G/F to 2/F public area
Air-conditioning System Variable Air Volume (VAV) System
Ventilation Mechanical ventilation provided
General exhaust in office: not less than 0.5 ACH including toilet exhaust
Ventilation rate: 36m3/hour fresh air per person in office floor
Chilled Water Plant Water cooled chillers
Cooling Capacity: 280 kW per floor
Building Management System (BMS) The Building Management System (BMS) is connected to all mechanical and electrical systems in order to manage the building efficiently
Security System Installed CCTV System & Access Control System
Lift System Passenger lifts: 18 (Capacity: 1,800 kg/24 persons)
Service lifts: 2 (Capacity: 1,600-1,800 kg/21-24 persons)
VIP lift: 1
Escalators: 4
Car park passenger lifts: 2